What is the best time to travel
Best Time to Travel to Africa

The best time to travel Africa depends on traveller's specific needs and requirements. Interests range from Africaís spectacular wildlife to the wide variety of birds that occur in Africa at different times of the year. Botany, culture and natural phenomena are the other interests. Many tourists give preference to their favorite activity and build their holiday around these activities such as fly-fishing, diving, kayaking, photography or horse riding.

The best time to visit South Africa is during the dry winter months between June and October. This period is excellent for game viewing, as well as hiking and other outdoor activities. This is also the Whale Watching season in South Africa.

East Africa is a safari destination so the best time to travel would be during the dry months. The rains are long from early April to early June, and are short from late November to December. It is less expensive to travel during the long rainy season. Dry seasons offer excellent game viewing and more reliable road conditions, and game tends to congregate around the limited water sources, making the animals easier to find.

Tourism remains very low-key throughout North & West Africa, except in Egypt and Morocco. The best time to visit North Africa is from October to March, as temperatures can soar well above 35C in the summer months and become simmering hot.

The best time to travel West Africa is November to January. Whatever the travelerís destination, the West African people extend extraordinary hospitality and will win the travelers heart.