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Best Time to Travel to Angola
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The greatest time to go to Angola is during the cooler, dryer months generally from June through September. This is because travel is easier, dirt roads become hard to travel on when it rains. Angola is extremely wet from November to the end of April. As a result, however, this is the time when hotel rates are cheapest and popular tourist spots are much quieter. The local people have numerous festivals during the wet season to celebrate the rain, which in turn means good crop.

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January - New Year's Day

January - Martyrs of the Colonial Repression Day

February - Start of Liberation Day

March - International Women's Day

March - Good Friday

March - Easter Monday

April - Peace and Reconciliation Day

May - Labour Day

May - Africa Day

June - International Children's Day

September - National Hero's Day (Anniversary of the Birth of President Neto)

November - All Soul's Day

November - Independence Day

December - Family Day (Christmas Day)

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