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Best Time to Travel to Argentina

Travelers in Argentina should prepare for random weather at any time of the year. The majority of travelers think the warmer months of November to March to be the best time to visit southern Argentina. One thing to remember is that the seasons are reversed south of the Equator. Nevertheless, the hottest summer months, December through February, can be horribly humid in Buenos Aires so travelers that plan to extend their stay in the capital may choose the cooler seasons October through November or April through May instead. Holiday weeks such as Easter and Christmas have a tendency to be the busiest times so keep away from these times if you desire to avoid the crowds.

Travelers can visit Iguazu Falls all year round, although again the summer months can be extremely hot. Visitors to Northwest Argentina will additionally wa nt to keep away from these hot summer months. In fact, the best time to visit this area is at some point in the coolest months of May to September.

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January - New Year Day

March - Maundy Thursday

March - Good Friday

March - Memorial Day

April - Day of the Veterans

May - Labour Day

May - Anniversary of the May Revolution

June - Flag Day

July - Independence Day

August - Death of General Jose de San Martin

October - Columbus Day

December - Immaculate Conception's Day

December - Christmas Day

December - Bank Holiday

Weekend Saturday, Sunday