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Best Time to Travel to Austria

The best time to travel to Austria would be springtime. Austria' peak season for tourists is from January to April. Festivals and music concerts scheduled in various months is an attraction for many visitors. For outdoor sports enthusiasts January to late March is the perfect time for hiking and skiing since the prices are normally affordable at this time. Austria is a country that has something for everyone throughout the year.

In Austria, the temperature fluctuates significantly depending on your location. Over half of the country is situated in the Alps region the chilly and wet climate is prevalent here. Summers can reach highs if 35 degree Celsius and winters are extremely cold sometimes dropping down to -20 degree Celsius. Rocky region enjoys snowfall through mid November. The spring season, when the alpine flowers are full bloom, is the best season to explore Austria

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January - New Year's Day

January - Epiphany

March - Easter Day

March - Easter Monday

May - Labour Day / Ascension Day

May - Whit Sunday

May - Whit Monday

May - Corpus Christi

August - Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

October - National Day

November - All Saints Day

December - Immaculate Conception

December - Christmas Eve

December - Christmas Day

December - St. Stephen's Day

December - New Year's Eve

You should know: Under some collective labour agreements holidays may include 24 December or 31 December

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