What is the best time to travel
Best Time to Travel to Bahrain

Tourist leaflets caution visitors from visiting the extremely hot summer in the months of early June to the middle of September, with high temperatures averaging 38C (100F) during the day. In spite of that, in numerous ways, this is Bahrain's most wonderful time of the year. If daring the intense heat and humidity does not tempt you, the excellent time to visit is November to March, averting the Ramadan and Eid holidays, when an invasion of Saudi visitors can make it hard to find a room. November to March is likely to be much more enjoyable, with warm days, cool nights and negligible rainfall.

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January - New Year's Day

February - Ashura

March - Prophet's Birthday

July - Lailat al-Miraj

October - Eid al Fitr

December - National Day

Weekend Friday