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Best Time to Travel to Belize

When planning a trip to Belize the best time to go is during the dry season, this normally lasts from December to April. The temperatures are cooler and rainfall is decreased, despite the fact that it may still rain, it just comes in shorter spurts. Temperatures vary from 50-95F, with an average annual temperature of 79F.February and March are the driest months, then it peaks in April and May. The mountains are naturally cooler than the rest of the country, particularly in the evenings.

Out in the Cayes, (pronounced Keys) you will enjoy tropical breezes blowing through the palm trees. Temperatures along the coastline average in the 70-80s (20C - 30C) for most of the dry season, but can climb into the 90s during April and May. The temperature along the barrier reef varies from the mid-70s to the mid-80s. The weather is hot and humid from June through December. The amount of rainfall varies widely from the north to south, from 40-60" in Corozal to 160-190" in Punta Gorda. Belize also lies in the hurricane belt, this occurs later in the season, normally between August and the end of October.

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January - New Year's Day

February - Carnival

March - Baron Bliss Day

March - Good Friday

March - Easter

March - Easter Monday

May - Labour Day

May - Commonwealth Day ( = Emancipation Day)

September - St George's Caye Day

September - Independence Day

November - Garifuna Day

December - Christmas Day

December - Boxing Day

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