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Best Time to Travel to Bolivia
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Tourist can stay in Bolivia any time of the year. Because a great deal of Bolivia is located on the Altiplano, which is above 10,000 ft, weather is largely affected by elevation. In the moorland, the dry season stretches from May to October and this is the time when most of the travelers visit. Conversely, this is also the coldest time of year. At sundown temperatures can be cold any time of the year; they may drop well under freezing at the crest of the dry season in June, July and August. Shoulder seasons, April through June or September through November, will have warmer temperatures and yet be prone to have mild rains so these can be a nice time to visit as well.

In the Amazon, temperatures are normally warmer, they average 80s-90s all year, however, frosts are uncommon. The lowland regions also have alleged "dry" and "wet" season that are during the same months as the highlands. Then again, the dry season brings numerous showers and the wet season has periods of sunshine so nothing is definite.

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January - New Year's Day

February - Fiesta de la Virgen de Candelaria, Copacabana, Lake Titicaca*

February - Fiesta, Oruro*

March - Good Friday

March - Easter Monday

May - Labour Day

May - Fiesta, Sucre*

June - Corpus Christi

July - Fiesta, La Paz*

August - Independence Day

September - Fiesta, Cochabamba*

September - Fiesta, Santa Cruz, Pando*

November - All Saints Day

November - Fiesta, Potosi*

November - Fiesta, Beni*

December - Christmas Day


Non-Holiday Observances

May - Mothers' Day

Weekend Saturday, Sunday