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Best Time to Travel to Brazil

Due to the size of Brazil, there is a lot of disparity in climate. Nevertheless, 90% of the country is within the tropical zone, so it hardly ever gets cold. Since it is in the southern hemisphere, the seasons are reverse then those in the northern hemisphere: summer takes place from December to March. This is the greatest time to travel to the southern states since parts of the regions do get frost and the occasional snowfall during June through August. The shoreline cities of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Salvador are consistently warm all year round, and get utterly hot and humid during the summer months.

If traveling to the Amazon the best time to explore is when a most of the region floods from January to June. This means that the humidity is higher and the rainfall more extensive, the rivers become passable, permitting visitors to explore more of the wildlife than during the dry season. If you are vacationing to Brazil with the intent of visiting some of Brazil's immaculate shoreline, remember that Brazil's beaches are on the Atlantic coast and you should avoid traveling for the duration of June to August, this is when the ocean can be rough and cold.

Follow the links below to get the best time to travel in selected cities within the country.


January - New Year's Day

February - Carnival

February - Carnival

February - Carnival

February - Carnival

February - Carnival

February - Carnival end

March - Good Friday2

March - Easter

April - Tiradentes Day (revolutionary hero)

May - Labour Day

May - Corpus Christi

September - Independence Day

October - Holy Mary's Day

November - All Saints Day*

November - Remembrance Day

November - Proclamation of the Republic

December - Christmas Eve (half day)

December - Christmas Day

December - New Year's Eve (half day)

1. Although Carnival is only 5 days long officially, it may be difficult to do business during the whole of Lent due to the combination of Carnival and school holidays. Carnival closes down most of Brazil starting the evening of Friday before Ash Wednesday through Wednesday, which is officially a half holiday (opening time at noon). This is true for most places although any shop selling souvenirs, etc that attract tourists will probably be open at least part of the time. Banks close on Shrove Thursday.

2. Many businesses close altogether from Holy Thursday and it may be difficult to do business during the whole of Holy Week.

*All Saints Day is not an official holiday but may be taken, especially in villages.

** Local festas

You should know:

Jewish family businesses (mostly retail stores) sometimes also close for major Jewish feasts (notably Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur). Visitors from northern climes should remember that summer holidays are commonly taken between Christmas and Carnaval. This is the summer school holiday period.

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