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Best Time to Travel to El Salvador

The best time of year to travel to El Salvador would be during the dry season, which normally lasts from November through March. It may cost a little bit more to visit this time of year however the fact that it is the dry season the roads are much safer to navigate on then any other time of year. After the dry season ends, the weather becomes very hot and humid from April to the end of May. The rainy season is generally from late May through October; however, it generally rains during the evening.

The busiest time for tourists is generally holidays, as is the same for other vacation destinations. This would generally be Easter Holy Week, also known as Semana Santa. The first week of August they not only celebrate religious holidays but the capital has its annual festival at this time so if your willing to deal with huge crowds you may enjoy this time of year to go. The middle of December through early January during Christmas and New Years is the busiest time for tourists and unless you have family to stay with you may need to make reservations ten to twelve months in advance.

Follow the links below to get the best time to travel in selected cities within the country


January - New Year's Day

March - Easter Sunday

May - Labour Day

June - Bank holiday (Balance day)

August - San Salvador Festival

September - Independence Day

November - All Souls Day or Memorial Day

November - Cry of Independence Day

December - Christmas Day

December - Bank Holiday

Other Observances

June - Schoolteachers' Day

December - Virgen de Guadalupe

You should know:
The first week in August is generally a holiday. Many businesses may be either closed or working with minimal staff.

The week before San Salvador del Mundo is taken up with a fair and a parade in San Salvador.

There are also celebrations throughout holy week (the week before Easter Sunday). Each city also has a fiesta in honour of its patron saint.

Weekend: Sunday