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Best Time to Travel to Iran
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Being an enormous country, Iran has many areas with different temperatures. Spring and autumn are short seasons in Iran, between the heat of summer and the unpredictable and often cold weather of winter. Winter temperature often drops below freezing, mean while summers, can be horribly hot. In the northern coastal regions of the Caspian Sea climate is mild and damp. The southern parts and the Persian Gulf areas always have a warmer climate than Central Iran. North West Iran is about 10- 15C cooler than the rest of Iran.

In general, spring and autumn are the best time to visit Iran even if the weather may be a little uncertain with short lapses into either the cold of winter or the heat of summer. More accurate is mid-April to early June, and late September to early November. These times avoid the long, cold northern winter, the Iranian New Year (late March) and the summer.

Follow the links below to get the best time to travel in selected cities within the country.


January - New Year's Day

January - Islamic New Year

January - Ashoura

February - Revolution Day

March - Prophet's Birthday

March - Day of Nationalization of the Oil Industry

March - Noruz

April - Islamic Republic Day

April - Sizdah-bedar (National day to end Noruz)

July - Ascension of Prophet

October - Eid Al Fitr

December - Eid Al Adha

Weekend - Friday