What is the best time to travel
Best Time to Travel to Japan

During the spring months of March to May, with its cloudless skies and cherry blossoms, this is probably the most celebrated Japanese season, but the Golden Week period, which is April 29th to May 7th, is a holiday time for the Japanese and many of the more popular travel destinations tend to be swamped with domestic tourists. Autumn, September to November, is a remarkable time to travel this is when the temperatures are pleasant, and the autumn colors in the countryside are incredible. Mid-winter, December to February can be exceptionally cold, while the humid summer months from June to through August can be excruciating; one advantage to this is the major tourist attractions will normally be quieter at these times of the year. It is also worth considering peak holiday seasons when you plan your trip. Finding somewhere to stay during New Year, Golden Week and the midsummer O-Bon festival can be a real problem.

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January - New Year's Day (Gantan)

January - Coming of Age Day (Seijin-no-hi)

February - National Foundation Day

March - Spring Equinox

April - Shōwa Day

May - Constitution Memorial Day (Kenpou-kinen-bi)

May - Greenery Day (Midori-no-hi)

May - Children's Day (Kodomo-no-hi)

July - Sea Day

September - Respect for the Aged Day

September - Autumnal Equinox (Shuubun-no-hi)

October - Health and Sports Day (Taiiku-no-hi)

November - National Culture Day (Bunka-no-hi)

November - Labor Thanksgiving Day (Kinrou-kansha-no-hi)

December - Emperor's Birthday (Tennou-tanjyou-bi)

December - Bank Holiday

If it falls between Monday and Friday.

You should know:

Holidays falling on a Sunday are observed on the Monday following except for the Bank Holidays associated with the New Year.

The period from 29 April to 5 May is called the "Golden Week" and many people take vacation days mixed in with the public holidays with the result that businesses are often all but shut down.

There are no moveable feasts other than the Equinoxes. The Autumnal Equinox will be on 23 September every year until 2011. The calculation is performed using astronomical methods based on the longitude 135 degrees East.

Weekend - Saturday, Sunday