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Best Time to Travel to Albania
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  • Tirana

The best time to visit Albania is on any side of the summer peak season when it is not too hot, crowded or overbooked anywhere this time is generally May, June and September. The best time to go out of these three months would be September, when it is warm, the days are long and the fruit and vegetables are in good supply.

The major coastal resorts in Albania get extremely busy in July and August and ski season runs from late November until March.

Albania has incredibly hot, dry summers and chilly, wet winters. Summers along the coast are beautiful, with the days typically averaging around 30C (85F); controlled by breeze off the sea the evenings become cool and comfortable. However, during the winter months, things can get enormously miserable, as spring rain tends to linger around and the central mountains become incredibly cold as continental air masses move in. The temperatures still average around 13C (56F) in January; however, they can drop below zero at night.

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January - New Year's Day

February - Carnival

March - Maundy Thursday

March - Good Friday

March - Easter Day

March - Easter Monday

April - Prayer Day

May - Labour Day / Ascension Day

May - Whit Sunday

May - Whit Monday

Jun - Constitution Day

December - Christmas Eve

December - Christmas Day

December - New Year's Eve

Weekend Saturday, Sunday