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Best Time to Travel to Bermuda

Bermuda is located about 600 miles east of North Carolina and 1,000 miles north of the Caribbean. It is not exactly a tropical or semi-tropical region in any way. Bermuda is known for its wonderful outdoor atmosphere, however great weather only occurs a small portion of the year. The reason for this is the Gulf Stream limits the summertime temperatures around the 80's, the northeasterly drift of weather from the U.S. coast also continues over Bermuda.

The average temperature in the winter months is merely in the 60's. From time to time, it drops into the 40's, and the days are often dark and damp. The evenings in Bermuda in the wintertime average close to 10 degrees cooler than what the daytime high temperature averages.

As a result, the main tourist season last from March until the end of October, despite the fact that local residents advise that unfailingly good weather does not start until May. The local natives typically only swim in the ocean from the end of May to the first week of September on average. The water temperature peaks aroundv85 degrees in summer, and drops to the 60s in winter. Because Bermuda is known for the wonderful beaches, the winter months will have less of a variety of things to do. One plus in visiting the area in the winter months is the cheaper hotel rates due to the off-season.

It does however; rain the most during the warmer months. The rainy season starts normally starts sometime around May and peaks in October. October is normally the wettest month however the average rainfall for the month is only around seven inches. You will have to pay attention to the possibility of hurricanes and tropical storms these will influence the amount of rainfall dramatically.

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January - New Year's Day

March - Good Friday

March - Easter Monday

May - Bermuda Day

June - Queen's Birthday

July - Somers Day

July - Cup Match Day

September - Labour Day

November - Remembrance Day

December - Christmas Day

December - Boxing Day

Holidays occuring at the weekend are normally moved to the Monday following. If Christmas and Boxing Day both fall on a weekend then they are observed on the Monday and Tuesday following.

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