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Best Time to Travel to Central America

Breathtaking scenery, exotic animals and a great adventure makes what is Central America. It is a place for a variety of adventure, exploration possibilities, history, art and many more attractions. There is excitement at the white sand beaches, hot springs, volcanoes, rainforests and ancient ruins. Accommodations range from budget jungle lodges to five-star resorts for all kinds of tourists.

Climate is an important factor for a trip to Central America. It is rainy season, or winter, generally between May and November. The rest of the year is the dry season or summer when crowds swell as do prices. Temperature is determined by altitude more than season; the highlands have pleasantly cool nights while the coastal and jungle lowlands are warm and humid.

The dry period of January through April is the best time to visit Central America. It is just after the Ano Nuevo, meaning New Year celebrations and before the Semana Santa, meaning the Holy Week holidays. Humidity will be less and beaches are favored. One has to remember, however, that the hurricane season is from September to November.