What is the best time to travel
Best Time to Travel to South America

As South America is a vast continent, climatic conditions vary substantially. Since it is so vast, the best time to travel depends on the specific destination and purpose of travel. In the Altiplano region, it rains between December and March when it is suppose to be summer. Rio de Janeiro has its rainy season normally in February and March. Above the Tropic of Capricorn, the weather is hot. In the coastal areas of Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela and the Amazon jungle it is humid. September to April is the best time to visit Tierra del Fuego in the southern part of Puerto Montt.

The high season for travel in South America is from June through September, from mid-December through mid-January, and during Carnival, which takes place the week before Ash Wednesday. The ski season in Chile and Argentina reaches its peak in July and August.

Brazil is good for travel during July and August. In summer some areas are very humid as it rains heavily during that time. Lima, Peru is best visited during summer when it is dry during December to February. Coastal areas are good between the late winter to late spring season. Chile and Argentina are best during the spring season or autumn. For Mexico, the ideal time to visit is between Octobers and May when temperatures are comfortable and humidity less.